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“Truth Hurts” by Lizzo. Basically, this track is dependant on Lizzo beefing with her ex. S

“Truth Hurts” by Lizzo. Basically, this track is dependant on Lizzo beefing with her ex. S

he’s made the decision to snub him and proceed along with her life. And for the track this woman is fundamentally saying the reasons she’s got done this along with delineating the effects thereof. As well as in the method, she tosses a few of jabs at males as a whole.

By way of example, the track starts with all the line “why are males great ’til they surely got to be great”. This can be designed to be considered a critique particularly against guys in energy and generally speaking resistant to the sensed ineptitude of males to manage those seats efficiently.

First Verse

The very first verse features Lizzo dissing some guy whom evidently she just dumped.

Her rationale for performing this appears to be he wasn’t severe. As well as in the procedure, in accordance with her, he destroyed a bi*ch that is“bad who was simply ready to assist him be successful.

2nd Verse

The 2nd verse illustrates some animosity that existed between your two of those. This means, her ex deliberately attempted to harm Lizzo by ‘breaking her heart’. But she asserts that she had been never ever emotionally-vested in the place that is first the purpose to become that susceptible. Then she insinuates her his “side chick”, which of course she did not appreciate that he was trying to make. Therefore now Lizzo is reveling within the known undeniable fact that the homey is “back with (his) bi*ch” and that she’s yet again solitary. To put it differently, this woman is perhaps perhaps not marriage that is sweating this aspect.

In reality her passions seem to have already shifted onto to at least one of her ex’s homeboys.

Chorus and Bridge

Meanwhile the chorus weaves a brief story of dude evidently attempting to dump her via text, which can be one thing just as before she would not appreciate. Therefore Lizzo has made a decision to just forget about him. A professional football team – who she says is “more exciting” than her ex in fact she now has a “new man” who is a member of the“Minnesota Vikings. This needless to say will ‘hurt’ him, but as of this true point, she doesn’t seem to really care.

As a result, the bridge comes with Lizzo essentially https://datingrating.net/tr/raya-inceleme mocking her ex into the feeling him and has no intention of looking back that she has unexpectedly excommunicated.


Even though the man this track is founded on might not have obliterated Lizzo’s heart, its apparent her some degree of emotional discomfort that he caused. The good news is it is quite he that is in discomfort as a result of learning the “truth”, that will be in herself to progress in life without him that she is confident enough. Thus the title associated with the song “Truth Hurts”!

Details about “Truth Hurts”

  • Lizzo had written “Truth Hurts” alongside three other noted songwriters. These are generally: Ricky Reed, Jesse Saint John and Steven Cheung.
  • The song’s co-writer Ricky Reed additionally managed creation associated with track.
  • Lizzo formally released “Truth Hurts” on 19 September 2017.
  • Though at first released as an individual perhaps maybe not related to any record, “Truth Hurts” happens to be put into the sound recording for the Netflix’s 2019 comedy that is romantic anyone Great. Additionally it is played during one of several most-memorable scenes associated with film. In fact “Truth Hurts” plus the movie somebody Great are derived from similar themes of recuperating from heartbreak.
  • Over per year and-a-half following the launch of “Truth Hurts”, a viral social-media occurrence dubbed the DNA Test Challenge, which will be centered on a line through the track, started dominating the favorite TikTok android application. The song was made by this phenomenon much more famous.

Grammy Profit

“Truth Hurts” won Lizzo a Grammy during the 62nd Grammys when you look at the “Best Pop Solo Efficiency” category. In winning that category, she overcome the following tracks:

  • Taylor Swift’s “You Must Calm Down“
  • Billie Eilish’s “Bad Man”
  • Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings”
  • Beyoncé’s “Spirit“

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